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This birthday board is such a trendy way to keep parents and grandparents updated on their growing families' birthdays and anniversaries! It is such a sentimental gift and it truly lasts a lifetime.


When you have ordered the board, please email a spreadsheet of all the names, dates and anniversaries. Please write your order number or family name in the subject of the email.


NOTE: However you write out the names and dates, is EXACTLY how I will write it (English or Hebrew). Triple check your spreadsheet for any spelling mistakes or incorrect dates before you send it! 


Handmade Birthday Calendar


  • This wooden birthday board is completely handmade. It's cut, sanded, stained, and then handwritten by me - all for you!

    This sign measures: 19 1/2 “ X 5 1/2 “
    The discs measure: 3 inches

    Hooks will come attached to the back of the wood so you can hang it the moment it arrives.
    The sign and discs will be coated in polycrylic to protect the wood and keep it in the best condition.

    *Wood disclaimer
    The wood is hand-selected, so no two pieces of wood are exactly identical. Each wood has its own unique design, so your one might look different from the others ;)

    The processing time is 3 weeks from when you have ordered till I ship it off.

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