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Want to get the absolute cutest and most memorable pictures of your new baby? These trendy 4-inch acrylic handwriiten milestone discs are the perfect option!

They add so much to your baby pictures, and are the best prompt to take a photoshoot of your baby every single month of their first year of life! What more could you ask for? All the discs will be coated in a clear gloss to protect the paint from chipping.


It will be wrapped in brown paper and twine.

The processing time is 3 weeks from when you have ordered till I ship it off.

Baby Milestone Discs

  • This order includes up to 13 discs:

    1. Name of new baby OR up to 3 words of your choice (Like: "Welcome baby boy/girl")
    2. One month
    3. Two months
    4. Three months
    5. Four months
    6. Five months
    7. Six months
    8. Seven months
    9. Eight months
    10. Nine months
    11. Ten months
    12. Eleven months
    13. One year
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